Cart Racing


Indoor Cart Racing

The Extreme Fun Center in Aberdeen isn’t your standard “Cart” track. Our state-of-the-art racing carts are all electric and all power. With safety standards not available in gasoline engines, as well as adjustable seating arrangements, speeds and more, the whole family can enjoy an adrenaline pumping ride.

Safety is Our Top Priority

The racing carts at the Extreme Fun Center aren’t just about speed. The technological leap ahead of traditional carts in our Sodikart vehicles takes your experience to the next level.

Featuring full speed control, each cart can be monitored and adjusted to the skill, safety and awareness of the driver. In the case of any spin-out on the track, our team can set caution speeds on each of our 20 vehicles simultaneously to ensure that every driver walks away happy and healthy. With the addition of fully customized seating, gas and brake pedals, and our race-grade helmets you can be sure that your trip feels like a real race track, because it’s made to fit you.